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Pump Cover Installation

Blue Chip Diesel Injection Pump Cover Installation Instructions



  1. Remove throttle housing that is above injection pump, using a 13 mm wrench or socket. Move housing out of way, being careful to not pull wires out of the apps sensor underneath. You may remove the apps plug if you wish, by pushing in on the lock lever and pulling on the plug. You may wish to remove the intake tube too for better access using a 10 mm shallow socket and an 11 mm (or 7/16) deep socket

  2. Clean the yellow or black paint out of the heads of the screws by using a safety pin or other sharp pointed object, holding the metal cover onto the vp44. Be sure bit bottoms out in screw before attempting to remove screws. Failure to do this before trying to remove screws will result in drastically increased installation time. This is extremely important as they are often quite tight, and if you partially or completely strip them you will have to drill them out, or put a straight slot in them, to remove them. The sealed screw is not a 25 torx tamperproof screw. It is a 25 torx plus tamperproof. Using either a #25 torx bit ( six flutes, with or without center pin ), or a #25 torx plus tamperproof bit ( 5 flutes with center pin ) or both, remove the 5 retaining screws on the metal pump cover. 

  3. Remove the metal cover from top of injection pump and be sure to save the small rectangular o-ring type seal that fits around the four solder connections. This seal must be on the pump before installing the new plastic cover. 

  4. Unscrew the allen screw from the plastic cover until the sharp point is not protruding from the bottom side of the cover. Place cover on top of pump and be sure the plastic cover is in its “happy place” and all screws are started, before snugging plastic cover down to top of pump. Do not overtighten screws.

  5. Turn in allen screw, using provided 1/16” allen wrench, until resistance is felt and turn in an additional 3½ turns. Crimp provided ring terminal onto appropriate wire from performance box and install over allen screw. Tighten locknut on ring terminal to only a moderate tension, to prevent stripping the threads in plastic cover. 

  6. Reinstall the throttle housing and apps plug if you removed it. To test connection of the pump wire, turn ignition switch to the “on” position, without starting truck, and verify battery voltage on the allen screw. If your truck only idles when you get done, you probably forgot to plug in the apps plug under the throttle housing.


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