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VP44 Rebuilt Pumps

Blue Chip VP44 Rebuilt Injection Pumps &

Quality Value Choices

We offer many versions of rebuilt VP44 injection pumps to satisfy everyone's needs and pocketbook.


This version is our competitively priced, rebuilt VP44 injection pump. What makes it better and offers more value than others, is that it does have all upgraded components in it. It will have some used upgraded parts, including a used, upgraded computer. It comes with a one year unlimited mileage warranty.



This version of our rebuilt injection pump has every mechanical upgrade, and a brand new, unused Bosch upgraded computer to assure an even longer life expectancy with a two year unlimited mileage warranty.



This version of our pump offerings is the best you can get in the USA, as there are no new pumps offered by Bosch here. This injection pump has all new upgraded parts where they typically wear out. We guarantee that every one of these pumps has these brand new upgraded parts: computer, angle sensor, steel brushed housing, diaphragm, and rotor and distributor for the maximum life expectancy of any replacement pump offered anywhere. Therefore, this pump comes with an unheard of, three year unlimited mileage warranty. 


These pumps produce about 10% better fuel mileage and make 22 more horsepower than exact replacement units. They come in Best Upgraded, Premium Upgraded, and Standard versions. This pump works on only non "HO" Dodge engines or any 15x application. 

The longer story is....

There have been so many upgrades to this model pump that the typical rebuilder doesn’t put them all in the pump they sell, because they cost too much to be competitive price wise. We want you to know that there are no standards that a Bosch rebuilder has to meet to rebuild pumps, so the quality can vary from one to another. This is why we tell you exactly what you are getting when you order a pump from us. We believe that the purchase price is not the true cost and that cost per mile or cost per year after the purchase is what determines the true cost of a replacement part. But, because the trucks that need these pumps are getting older and owners are considering their truck’s future life expectancy, and the present economy, we are now offering more versions to meet every customer’s needs. All versions of our rebuilt pumps have at least a two year, unlimited mileage warranty, supported by our well known superior customer service.

The different versions of our pumps, referred to above as Best Upgraded, Premium Upgraded, Standard, and Special X, admittedly may cost a bit more up front than a lot of our competitors', but they work much better and last much longer, simply because we put more upgraded or more new parts in them, specifically all of the mechanical upgrades. When you buy a pump from us, you know what you are getting!


For instance, we replace the housing on all of our injection pumps, with one that has a steel bushing in it to repair the well documented 216 code failure. This is an upgrade that cures the loss of fuel mileage and power which is so common in tired or rebuilt pumps.

From many years of dealing with VP44 injection pump issues we are completely convinced that heat and heat cycles are the computer killer, and we also know computers are almost always the cause of drivability issues. We know fewer heat cycles on the computer and or a lower temperature operating environment, both benefit the life expectancy of a VP44 injection pump. You can read more about this here.


So this is why we offer new upgraded computers, with zero heat cycles, on both the Best Upgraded and the Premium Upgraded pumps for those looking for the longest life expectancy of the computer and lowest cost per year of ownership, A used upgraded computer comes on our Standard pump, for those who might be unsure of how long they will own the truck, but this version still provides good value. As the computer still is typically the part of our rebuilt pumps that fails first, usually many years down the road after the warranty has expired, we offer replacement computers for all of our customer's pumps, if and when they fail after the warranty ends. It only makes sense to replace just the computer in a pump that you know has all the mechanical upgraded parts in it, as ours are. Therefore a Blue Chip pump offers more value down the road, and lowers cost per year and mile even more, the longer you use it!

To be fair, we want you to know that nobody can tell how many heat cycles are on a used computer, so it can’t be predicted how long it may last. For two years we will warranty any version of our Premium Upgraded VP44 injection pumps if they have any issues. We will warranty our Best Upgraded pumps for THREE years!


We can tell you that our Premium Upgraded injection pumps that we have sold for years, enjoy less than a 2% failure rate during warranty. Our Best Upgraded pumps should do even better, as they have all new parts that typically wear out in them, hence the three year warranty! 100% of our 2% warranty problems have been attributed to the computer on top of the VP44 injection pump up until the summer of 2011, when we started seeing hard start hot issues from worn out distributors also. This is due to the miles and time that distributors have been in service in the core pumps that we receive to rebuild. As the distributor can't be accurately tested for future life expectancy at this point in time, we now offer a pump with a brand new one, called the Best Upgraded so you know you are getting all new parts that typically wear out.


The housings on the VP44 injection pump wear out due to the steel timing piston wearing out the aluminum bore of the main pump housing and the result is the housing wears to the point that fuel bypasses the piston, rather than moving it, and full advance cannot be achieved which causes the code 216. This explains why, as VP44 pumps get older, the fuel mileage goes down steadily, and when we replace the injection pump with one that has a steel re-bushed housing we get the mileage back! In a typical competitor's rebuild, the housing does not get upgraded and gets reused, never having fixed the problem.

The component that costs the most by far, that causes almost all of the drivability issues, is the computer on the top of the injection pump. The computer gets intermittent because of too much heat and or too many heat cycles. When you shut the truck off, the latent heat in the engine heats up the computer, and after many heat cycles the lead free solder that connects the electrical components to the circuit board of the computer becomes crystalline and no longer make a good electrical connection. This causes intermittent drivability issues, such as "dead pedal" cold and or hot. The solder issue is because Federal Regulations require the use of “Lead Free” solder. If you want more proof of how unreliable it is in high heat environments, just ask the Aerospace and Medical Industries.

There are many other kinds of mechanical failures, like seized rotors and cracked or broken diaphragms that have been addressed and apparently rectified by the various mechanical upgrades made available through Bosch. As the cores we get are getting more miles and time on them, we are seeing more worn out distributors which can be the cause of hard start hot. If you want more information about these and or other upgrades, feel free to call us. We think that about 100% of our customers do the component diagnosis, and 95% do the installation themselves.


If you think you might want to tackle the job, go to the INSTRUCTIONS section of this website and read or print out the directions for whatever product you want. If you are intimidated by the directions, just show them to your favorite mechanic and he’ll probably be happy to do it for you. The VP44 installation should take you about three and a half hours if you have never done one before. We have perfected and improved the directions to where they are fantastic, we’re told. We can help you do the repair...Install the injection pump yourself, and better spend the installation money on a better quality Blue Chip pump instead!

Even the Pros tell us they’ve learned from our diagnostics and install information! Our directions tell you about the few pitfalls that can happen and how to avoid them, as well as how to save about an hour and a half of install time. We also can loan you a convenient and necessary puller to get the gear off the front of the injection pump, if you buy a pump from us. We like making our customers’ lives easier.

We are happy to help you on the phone to verify the correct diagnosis and answer questions when you do the repairs, all in an effort to provide better than expected customer service, and for you to save money. We know you can do it all yourself confidently, with all the information contained in this website!

You may click on VP44 Install Directions and VP44 Fuel System Diagnostics for more information

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