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About Us

Blue Chip Diesel specializes in VP44 diesel injection pumps and unique, improved components for 1998.5, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002, Dodge diesel trucks, and Ford and Freightliner trucks that have the VP44 fuel systems with ISB Cummins Engines. We offer upgraded, proven, and tested replacement components for these trucks. By far, our most popular product is a much improved, completely upgraded, rebuilt VP44 injection pump that performs better and lasts much longer than others. If you have a different application, you can always give us a call. We can source or rebuild other pumps. 

Blue Chip Diesel was born from necessity, when its original owner, Chip Fisher, needed a way to make trucks last longer and perform better than trucks delivered from the factory. For 25 years, Fisher owned and operated a horse transportation company, and during that time, discovered the value of better-than-stock filtration and oil analysis to make engines and drivelines more efficient and durable. 
In 1998, Fisher and his brother Tony invented and subsequently patented the technology that "super-tuned" the VP44 ISB Cummis 24 valve engine in Dodge trucks. Blue Chip's patented technology significantly increased horsepower and the "Blue Box" was the first product offered to upgrade power for the 24 valve Dodge diesel trucks. The development of the "Blue Box" put Blue Chip on the map for superior quality products and service. 
In April of 2013, the vp44 injection pump business was sold to Doug Rocco, a long-time friend and employee of Fisher. Rocco has a wealth of knowledge that he brings to Blue Chip Diesel, from his experience racing formula cars and motorcycles since 1970. This combined knowledge allows them to provide superior customer service to answer your diesel-related questions with the best information available. 
To reach Doug directly, or for technical assistance inquiries call 603-966-6459 or email him at

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