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Warranty Info

Blue Chip Diesel Warranty Info


Blue Chip Diesel rebuilt injection pumps, are covered under warranty for from date of sale with unlimited mileage allowed. The Best Upgraded pumps come with a three (3) year warranty, with unlimited mileage, Premium Upgraded pumps come with a two (2) year warranty, and Standard Upgraded pumps come with a one (1) year warranty. We use the same standards for warranty consideration as those provided by a Bosch rebuilder. We will not warranty contaminated fuel issues, such as 100% biodiesel or WVO, or rust or corrosion inside the pump. We will not warranty any pump with the solenoid wire tapped, but we will accept a pump that had a "cover" on it to hide the connection.


Please replace the cover with the OEM metal one prior to sending to us for warranty consideration. We are reasonable and compassionate with our customers. Keep in mind that as we buy numerous pumps on an annual basis, we can and do use our buying power to offer better warranty resolutions than many of our competitors. We have only a 2% failure rate, so the likelihood that you will have an issue is minimal.   

The OEM Carter Lift Pump is covered under warranty for six months, with unlimited mileage, while the Fass DDRP and the Pure Flow FRRP are covered for four years with unlimited mileage. These warranties are provided and supported by their manufacturers, not Blue Chip Diesel, as we do not make them. We will assist you in getting access to the providers, and provide you with missing or lost paperwork if necessary. Our APPS is covered under warranty for one (1) year from date of purchase, with unlimited mileage, but as it is an electrical part, we do not consider or allow warranty returns for refund. We will, however replace it, after testing the APPS at our facility, if it is found to be defective. Our Low Fuel Pressure Warning Kit is covered under warranty for one year, with unlimited mileage. 

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