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Recommendations from Blue Chip Diesel

At Blue Chip Diesel, we get a lot of questions about products and services, some of which we don't deal with directly. We wanted to share with you some of our favorite sites that help our customers out in a pinch.

ECM Questions:

We have started to see more ECM failures and issues, and the most important thing we see is that our customers need to work with a known quantity. So, we recommend borrowing a known, properly functioning ECM for testing purposes and not some dusty thing from under a bench! If you find yourself needing an ECM, we have good feedback from Car Computer Exchange. They have many purchasing choices and we suggest contacting them if you need more info.


Folks call with various electrical problems, and when they are far from the scope of the VP44, we have found that Mopar1973Man's Dodge forums have been helpful for our customer's electrical issues. We recommend checking it out!

Cummins Forum

Another great place for engine and truck information is the Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum.

Pure Diesel Power

We tend to get questions about products that are not carried by Blue Chip Diesel for diesel vehicles, and for this, we recommend Pure Diesel Power.

They are a good source for things that Blue Chip Diesel doesn’t carry.

Any other diesel sources you like? Let us know!

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