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Prepare your diesel vehicle for the cold weather

Winter is coming...or upon us in some states already. With a little maintenance, and some preparation, you can prevent issues with your vehicle when it comes to the frosty winter weather. Here are a few of our top cold-weather considerations for smooth operation of your diesel:

  1. Change your fuel filter. If you have a smaller micron filter, you may want to increase the micron rating (from 5-10 microns) to help prevent freezing or gelling.

  2. Run an additive. Especially if you don't already. One that contains an anti-gel is the best effort for good winter performance. Using one that has a Cetane boost will help offset the power loss that is often noticed in the winter months with winter fuel that is predominately available.

  3. Let your truck warm up. Whenever possible, this is definitely a best practice. The use of a bra, radiator screen, or even the old cardboard can help keep temps in normal operating range during severe cold temps.

  4. Park properly. When parking outside, try to nose into a building to help buffer the cold so your batteries and engine aren't blasted by the wind.

  5. Check/clean/change your air filter. Completing a good chassis inspection, greasing and checking your tire pressure can round out your winter trouble prevention.

Happy motoring and stay warm!

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