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Are You Making the Right VP44 Injection Pump Purchase?

We know that making the right VP44 injection pump purchase is an important decision. You value your vehicle and it serves you well, but you also don't want to spend unnecessary additional money on a vehicle that likely has some significant miles or road worthiness conditions. While there are other pump options available to you should you need a VP44, we are fully confident that the purchase of a Blue Chip Diesel injection pump will not only suit your vehicle's needs, but give you the best bang for your buck. So, as you think through your purchase, take into consideration the following important facts:

1. Blue Chip's Real-Person Diagnostics & Unmatched Customer Service

Nothing can be more frustrating than a vehicle concern and no one to talk to. If you are having issues with your fuel system and need help assessing the situation, you want to talk through the problem with a seasoned professional, rather than attacking the situation blind. When you call Blue Chip Diesel, you will be able to walk through your issues with an expert specialist who can help you diagnose your fuel injection issue over the phone. This may even mean that what you need isn’t an injection pump, but we are genuinely interested in your vehicle's running condition and are here to help you make that determination to get you back up and running again quickly. Our knowledgeable staff and quick response times keep our customers satisfied and make us the best in the business.

2. You Are Truly Getting the Best Value

Since there are no standards that a Bosch rebuilder must meet to rebuild pumps, the quality can vary drastically from one to another. When you purchase a pump from Blue Chip Diesel, you know what you are getting! Whether new or used, we use only genuine upgraded Bosch parts. Our new computer modules are brand new genuine Bosch upgraded units. We machine all the housings and install a steel bush for the timing piston. We have seen too many folks get fooled by less expensive pumps, which are usually knock-off parts with lesser quality, meaning they will need to be replaced soon after purchase. Blue Chip Diesel pumps are quality investments which may cost you a little more up front but will save you from costly repairs down the road. Buy one pump, not two.

3. A Warranty We Stand Behind

All Blue Chip rebuilt injection pumps are covered under warranty from date of sale with unlimited mileage allowed. Since our premium pumps have only a 2% failure rate, the likelihood that you will have an issue is minimal. We are reasonable and compassionate with our customers should they have an issue and offer better warranty resolutions than many of our competitors. We use the same standards for warranty consideration as those provided by a Bosch rebuilder and offer warranty options for all our VP44 injection pumps. The Best Upgraded pumps come with a three (3) year warranty, Premium Upgraded pumps come with a two (2) year warranty, and Standard Upgraded pumps come with a one (1) year warranty, all with unlimited mileage.

4. Ease of Core Return

When you purchase a pump from Blue Chip, we do not add a core charge at the time of purchase. We give you a reasonable time (30 days from purchase date) to send back the core of your rebuilt unit. We do not deduct or issue partial credit of the core charge, unless the core has been in a fire, has been disassembled, or if any part of the case is damaged or broken. We provide a return label for you to pack up your core and return via UPS (in the contiguous 48 states). Should you need more time, just let us know!

5. Excellent Return Policy (should you even need it!)

If for any reason, you have an issue with your pump, or need to use a pump to diagnose your issue, we will take it back if you return within 10 days for a minimal 20% restocking fee.

We know that you are making a considerable investment in the future condition of your vehicle and want you to make the best choice possible. For additional information on what makes Blue Chip Diesel pumps the best value for your hard-earned money, read more on our site here, or take it from our satisfied customers.

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