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5 Ways to Get Better Fuel Mileage

We always try to give our customers more bang for their buck, without lowering quality or dependability. With this in mind, we wanted to share ways you can get better fuel mileage with your diesel vehicle.

  1. Make sure your brakes aren't dragging: Sometimes a sticky caliper or rusted adjuster can cause your breaks to drag, which reduces fuel mileage.

  2. Ensure that your suspension and joints are greased: If any suspension component is binding or limited, it can cause a decrease in fuel mileage.

  3. Check your alignment: Having a good alignment - all wheels pointed the direction you want to go - will help you travel and go down the road easier.

  4. Make your tire pressure as hard as you can stand it: Higher tire pressure reduces the rolling resistance and gives you better mileage.

  5. Use light throttle application: The VP44 fuel system is computer controlled and designed not to make smoke. When you see black smoke, you are really just seeing wasted fuel.

We at Blue Chip Diesel are committed to providing you with the best possible products and service to keep your diesel running at its best. Give us a call with any questions or concerns.

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