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Low Fuel Pressure Warning Kit

Low Fuel Pressure Warning Kit

Installation Instructions

Tools needed:  

  • 7/16” wrench (for 98 and 99 trucks only)

  • Sender socket

  • 19 mm or 3⁄4 inch wrench

  • Pair of vise grips

  • Wire strippers

  • Crimp tool for the provided butt connectors

  • Electric drill with a 5/16” bit

For 98 1/2 and 99 Dodge Diesel trucks: Remove the inner brass plug, the one closest to the center of the fuel filter housing and screw in the sending unit there with the sender socket. Do not over tighten, or you will crack the aluminum housing.

For 2000-2002 Dodge Diesel trucks: Remove the banjo bolt/pressure test port on the supply line on the injection pump. Replace it with the supplied banjo bolt with the original sealing washers. We have supplied you with a spare in case you lose or damage one. Tighten finger tight. Start the sending unit into the threads on the banjo bolt and finish tightening the assembly with the sender socket on the sending unit. Don’t tighten this too tight as it is possible to break the banjo bolt. If you have a leak between the two, use a wrench on the banjo bolt to hold it and tighten the sender with another, so you don’t break the banjo bolt.

Install the indicator:

  1. Light drill a 5/16 inch hole. Snap the light assembly into the hole.

  2. Take an appropriate length of wire, crimp the 1⁄4 inch female spade terminal to the end of the wire and push it onto the terminal on the sending unit. Run the other end of this wire to one of the leads of the indicator light and make a butt connection there.

  3. Connect the other wire from the indicator light to a length of wire going to the fuse box on the left side of the dash.

  4. Put the right angle pink terminal on the end of the wire and crimp with vise grips. Be sure it is tight on the wire. Find a fuse that is powered only when the truck is running, such as fuse number nine.

  5. Remove the fuse and install the fuse tap over the leg of the fuse and reinstall the fuse so the tap is on the top when you reinstall it. This insures that your installation is fuse protected. Connect the pink terminal there. You are done!


With a carter style lift pump, it is normal for the light to be on first thing in the morning when the fuel is cold, or immediately after take off when cold. You should be concerned if the light comes on every time you accelerate, after the truck is warm. This is a possible indication that it may be time to change the fuel filter. If changing the fuel filter doesn’t fix the problem, diagnose the lift pump. Constant low fuel pressure will eventually break an old style diaphragm in the injection pump and then you will get hard start cold symptoms. Low fuel pressure can also cause a buck, sort of like turning the key on and off, but ONLY under hard load.

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