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Basic Blue Box Installation

Blue Chip Diesel Performance “BASIC BOX” “BLUE BOX” and “APB BOX” Installation Instructions

Tools Needed: 

  • Pliers

  • Ratchet with 6" extension 

  • 10 mm shallow sockets

  • 13 mm shallow sockets

  • 11 mm deep sockets

  • Single edge razor blade

  • Electrical tape

  • 3 foot length of wire (Box is NOT weatherproof so it must be installed in the cab, not under the hood!)

Installation Instructions:


  1. From under hood on driver’s side find large grommet on firewall that is around the main wiring harness and put a slit in it with razor blade in the soft area away from the wires. Push the fish wire through the slit you made, then find it under the dash and tape the connectors on the black & red siamese wire and the green wire from the box, to it. Pull connectors and wires through grommet and route red/black to injection pump and the green wire to fuel filter area. Remove the fish wire.

  2. Remove fuse box cover from left side of dash. Remove fuse #9 and install small brass fuse tap (put leg of fuse through slot in tap). Reinstall fuse with tap on top leg. You will need to push quite hard to get it in to be sure you have a good mechanical connection. Fuse tap and power connection must be on fuse #9 and nowhere else. Connect short red wire to this tap.

  3. Loosen top clamp on silicone hose on intake tube (driver’s side of engine) with 11mm deep socket. Using 10mm socket, remove bolt holding dipstick tube and 4 bolts holding intake tube to intake heater and manifold. Lift inlet tube off heater carefully to prevent breaking gasket - twist inlet tube and pull out of hose - put out of way near master cylinder.

  4. Using a 13mm socket remove 3 bolts from throttle linkage bracket and put bracket out of the way by intercooler tube. Either disconnect the electrical plug on the bottom or be sure not to pull too hard on the wires. If you only have an idle when you try to drive truck it means you disconnected the plug from the APPS socket on the throttle housing.

  5. If you ARE using the “Pump Cover” please refer to directions included with the cover to attach the red wire of the short red/black harness included with the box.

  6. If you did NOT buy the “Pump Cover” connect the red wire from the short red/black harness to the top inner wire coming out from under metal cover on top of injection pump, using supplied BLUE Skotchlok connector. The top pair of wires is larger than the bottom pair; you want the wire closest to the engine block in the top pair.

  7. With a single edged razor blade cut black tape on plastic loom and the black tape covering the wires going into large plastic slide - lock plug at the rear of the pump. Locate the black wire with brown tracer and using pliers and a BLUE Scotchlok, connect it to the black wire of the short red/black harness.

  8. Plug male red and black wires from box into the matching color female spade terminals on the short red/black harness.

  9. Reinstall throttle linkage bracket, intake tube and dipstick tube bracket.

  10. Find boost sensor (MAP sensor) on driver’s side of engine, just rearward of fuel filter housing. Find either a green or grey wire coming from this sensor and attach a RED Skotchlok to it. Connect green wire from the box to the RED Skotchlok connector.

  11. Mount or secure box wherever you like, on, under or around dash with enclosed Velcro. Operation: Drive truck and enjoy an honest 85 more horsepower AT THE REAR WHEELS! The red light will come on when you turn the key on and go out when the truck starts. This tells you that the box has gone through its self diagnostics and is ready to perform. The red light will come on brighter as it makes more horsepower.

If you have any installation difficulties call our technical support line at 603-966-6459.

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