I wanted to leave this emial for the sake of showing appreciation. Doug was more than willing to help out when I had the usual and dreaded vp44 issues. He took the time to aim me in the right direction with resolving my pump issues. The detailed instructions and the pump press tool were vital to my success. So again thank you for a top notch pump service and genuine kind heartedness!

Sincerely, Lee&Stacie Keefe

You guys are great. My son bought a pump from you and we installed it today! Tech Doug was great. Its good to know a great company with great customer service is still around.

Thanks, Jim Roth owner, Hell Creek Forge. Pinckney MI

A big thanks to Doug and all you guys at Blue chip , install went very smooth with your instructions and truck is running wonderfully. Really appreciate all of the helpful info on the web page , I believe it was money well spent!

Thanks again, Greg Kistler

Hi Chip, just dropping you a thank you. Installed your new replacement pump with the warning light. Truck runs great again and your supplied directions were top notch! Thanks again!

Randy Vermeulen


Pump worked out Great.....My compliments to You.
You are at the top of my list.

Thank You Very Much!


Thanks for all your help Chip

I have been driving my truck around for two weeks now and it runs and pulls better than it did when I first bought it. I have never had so much available power from this engine. No smoke and starts perfectly every time. I guess I just got stuck with two really bad pumps in a row. This one you sold me is just what I needed. I sent the core back to you on Friday 10-05-2012 with the shipping return ticket you provided.

Your insightful website, and all the positive reviews I read online were what caused me to choose you and your company. Thank you for doing such a good job and providing a quality product. We need more of that in this country.

Allen Beckman


We have a 2000 Dodge Ram 3500 that broke down a week ago and your troubleshooting tips were VERY helpful throughout the process. We ordered your U15X VP44 for last Friday, it arrived today and thanks to your instructions and tips I had installed in a few hours no problem and the truck runs great, I'm very pleased with the performance alone. I wanted to contact you personally though and say THANK YOU for the absolutely SUPERB customer service you have given through this process, from your friendliness on the phone up through the puller tool loan and the tootsie pop in the package. Its been a pleasure dealing with you, we really appreciate the way you do business, keep up the great work! You have our references.

Jordan Robeson

Hi Chip,

I recently installed one of your upgraded pumps and when taking it for its first trip I could definitely see better mileage and increase in power.

Pump installation instructions worked great, my advice would be make sure you read them thouroughly before starting. When I took it for a test drive with no trailer I could instantly feel the difference in throttle response and position as compared to before.

To make a long story shorter, I definitely notice the difference with fuel consumption and I didn't believe those junk gauges from the factory so I always pop the cap to check the tanks and, yep there's still a lot of fuel in there.


Fran Messier, Oxford CT.

Mr. Fisher,

Great you recieved the pump, yes of course you can use my email. To add to it this weekend my parents took my truck to see my sister which lives 2.5 hours away from home, before it would take a little over a quarter of a tank one way, this time it is between the full and eighth mark, Wow!!!!! It drove smooth, great cruise and passing power with no struggle, turbo lag is gone. I am very anxious to get back to drive it and get my equipment trailer hooked back up again. Thanks!!

Mike Lavender


Thanks for your wonderful website! You guys do a great service for us guys that love our trucks but hate it's fuel system. Thanks to your detailed diagnostic info and great products I was able to fix a number of problems and am happy to say I love my truck again. Keep up the great work!!
Very much appreciated,

Jody Andruchow

Hi Chip,

Thanks so much Chip for your help this morning. I did what the diagnostic instructions said and low and behold my truck started. I think I really had a low fuel situation and that is what was the issue was. Even though I didn't buy a fuel injector pump from you, your diagnostic instructions were great and easy to follow. If I ever need a pump I will definitively buy one from BLUE CHIP. Thanks so much for your time and energy you have spent on your web site it is a great resource.

Mark Gang

Hi Chip,

I went to Todd’s Auto Repair in Beverly Farms, MA. His lead mechanic, Dan Bergeron insisted I use a pump from what he described as the far and away best in the industry. Turned out to be you. He is running your
X pump in his Dodge and loves it. I was so glad I didn’t have to over-rule his pump choice to get the Blue Chip. He even said they would warranty the labor for the duration of your pump warranty. After I put some miles on it I will be sure to put in the good word about you with my friends at the TDR. Thanks again for all your help!

Mark McGrath

To Blue Chip,


Jay Fortier, Washington MA

Hey Chip,

Some time back about 2 months ago I had a hard starting issue with one of your VP-44's on my 2000 3500 4X4. Still on warranty you diagnosed it as a computer problem and sent me a new pump. Chip you were dead nut's on it. I now have over 4k miles on the pump without one single issue the pump works great. I just returned from a 2500 mile round trip from MD to Oklahoma which I averaged better than 18.5 miles per gal. going out. I was driving on an average of 3 miles an hour over the speed limit going west and the same coming east. On the return trip I averaged 19-20.5 per gal.

Now that wouldn't seem to be super great empty but I was towing a Kaufman 20' 14GVW flat bed equipment trailer. Going out I was loaded towing about 5000 total towing weight, 2800lb coming back, trailer empty. How can someone bitch about that?

It will be interesting to see what I get running empty, no towing.

Thanks Again for the great service.

Rod Thomas Swanton MD

Hey Chip,

I just wanted to let you know I put the new pump on my dad's truck before Christmas and he went on a 1k mile plus trip to visit my brother. The truck ran excellent and didn't mess up a single time, I want to let you know we're both very happy with the product and service we recieved from you. I'm going to put the old pump and tool back in the mail today so you should receive it soon. Thanks for the great service.

Kyle Brewer


I just wanted to follow-up with my injector/lift pump install. My '98.5 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel has never run as smoothly or economically. I got the Special X and FASS lift pump kit from you last January and 22,000 miles later I have no regrets. I had some questions at first about the economy and initial power, but any doubts or confusion has since evaporated. I love the slight advanced timing you did and it makes the truck sound more mellow and my tranny guy tells me it takes some stress off the clutch and valve body pressures. My economy is an average of 18.7 mpg running empty and 13.5 mpg pulling a 15,000 lb trailer! My previous economy was about 14.5 average all the time, no matter the load I had. Plus, I have so much more "oomph" and no more ugly smoking. I've only spit out black smoke once while hauling an exceptionally heavy trailer and going up a very steep bridge at wide open throttle.

It's hot and dirty where I'm at in S.E. Georgia and the work I do demands a lot out of my truck, but your fine work keeps me confident that my fueling issues are completely solved. I recommend you to the forums that I'm on as well as to all my other diesel colleagues in the construction trade.

Thanks for your service and quality. It's always refreshing to find someone who has a passion about what they do and are very good at it!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous new year
(in spite of our government's attempt to make it otherwise).
Thanks again...

- Ken Denham

Chip, A friend took his 99 Dodge to a local mechanic shop after he had issues with it starting. It would crank over but not start. The battery cables and starter were first replaced. He was told first he might need a new injection pump and then that he had no compression and there were “mechanical problems”. It was at the shop for just shy of a year! I told him to bring it by my house and I would do whatever I could to help. A friend referred me to your website and I was instantly impressed. There is no other place I have found with that much information on Cummins engines. After printing out all your troubleshooting information and following the steps I eventually hot-wired the injection pump and got the truck to run. I later determined the problem to be the #7 pin on the plug for the VP44 to have low voltage. This fixed the problem and the truck is now running great again. I can’t stress enough how important your website was to finding the problem and fixing the truck. The owner is very happy to have his truck back. From both of us… THANK YOU!

- Rich Ennis

I'm going on a trip this weekend so well see if the hard starts when hot issue is resolved. So far so good. I'll keep you posted with feed back. Thanks for the great service. The original issued pump is on it's way back to you.

-Thanks again, Rod Thomas

Chip, What can I say, a simple 'Thank You' seems to fall incredible short. I installed the pump last weekend and the truck runs well. Hesitation and rough idling has disappeared. The old pump is on it's way back to you. Thank You Chip!

-Sincerely, Mark Anderson

I just wanted to say thanks. I didn't realize how sick my truck was until I installed this special X pump. Now I don't get blisters on my right hand from shifting. Truck runs great and it weighs 13,000 pounds all day every day. Very little if any smoke and accelerates like a maserati. I am sure it will burn less fuel too and it starts every time!

I would recommend this to anyone needing a replacement and your troubleshooting guide should be required reading to owners of VP44 equipped trucks.

-Once again thanks, Mark


Thanks for a great product. It’s not often you buy something that lives up to the hype, but the X pump I just put on my 2000 Dodge is performing just like you, your website, testimonials and the forum fodder said it would. The increase in power is noticeable and the throttle response is amazing. The worn out pump that was acting up for the last 6 months before finally giving up the ghost was giving a measly 16.5 MPG according to the on board computer and I had no power. I have already noticed an increase in the first tank of fuel, the computer now says we are getting 21.8, better than new.

With the extra power I’m not sure I’ll notice a savings from the increased fuel economy, because I’ll have to buy tires more often.

The core and puller are in route.

Thanks again for a great product, well worth the money.

-Keith Rawls

Hi Chip,

I just wanted to say THANKS for the diagnostic help, your website provides. My engine died and would not re-start for anybody. No fault-codes and all voltages were proper. I bled the LP side to the VP-44, for I know my tank was low (not quite on EMPTY). I finally cracked the HP lines and viola -a BIG vapor lock. Once I got fuel coming out of the 3 injector lines, I tightened them back down, and gave the engine another crank; which awoke it from it's air-locked slumber. My guess is that when I came to a sudden stop, the fuel sloshed forward and a huge gulp of air was digested by the fuel system; lodging in the HP side of the VP-44. I am ONE happy camper...so to speak, since I gotta take my 5th wheel into the Redwood Forest for a week of camping. My wife's mini-van aint gonna pull that!! You have a very well done diagnostic section. Kudos!!

AS WELL, my Blue-chip VP-44 Special-X has 150,000 miles on it and is still going strong. A very good investment for a good price. Again, well done Chip!!

-Best regards, Erik Stromness


First off, thanks for your time on the phone in helping me understand what codes I had, and what had happened to my injection pump. It's never a good time to have this failure, but after talking to you, overnight shipment, and 4 hrs. worth of work, I'm up and going better than ever. I ran the truck several hours today, and seems to run smoother & stronger than it has since owning the truck. Also, thanks for the lender tool (A Must). I have both the old I.P. and the puller in the box heading your way this week. Again Thanks

-Jamie Laster


I just wanted to thank you for suggesting I replace the injector tube o-rings on my friend's Dodge. It fixed it! He was experiencing a hard start every morning when he would first start his truck. Strange part was if he parked pointing downhill, no problems, but if he parked up hill, big problems. It was only if the truck had sat overnight. Restarts throughout the day were fine.

You had asked me to let you know what fixes it, so there you go. Thanks for the suggestion because after everything I had already replaced, I was starting to lose my confidence in my ability to fix this problem. So thanks again for the tip, and if any of these trucks that I work on end up needing a new VP44, I will definitely send the business your way.

Thank you so much Chip!

-Ryan MacNeil Healdsburg, CA


I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for the injector pump. The directions were spot on, the pump fit perfectly, all of the tips in the instructions were very helpful, especially the paint on the end of the key ( I stole some of my girlfriends pink nail polish! ha!) The bleeding process didn't go as bad as I thought it was going to, the whole job went pretty smooth. I sent the old pump out today with the puller in the box. Thank you again, it was a pleasure doing business with you, I am 100% satisfied, could not be happier.

-Jon Caito

Hi Chip,

I wanted to let you know that I am up and running again. The new pump seems to work just fine. .........

Thank you again for all of your help. I think I have a good solution at a good price and confidence in knowing I was treated well.

-All the best, Ernie Pink


I got the truck running.

It runs great and it hasn’t started this well every time for over a couple of years. The truck also has a lot more responsiveness than it has had for several years now.

I am going to be headed back home to Idaho this next weekend so I will be able to see how the mileage then.

-Thanks for your help. Larry Lang


Although I've not written in a while, I did order a special X from you, have recieved it and installed it into my truck last Friday night around 9:00 PM. After that, I did a line bleed like you mentioned and gave my Dodge a crank. After an eternity, about 6 seconds,it fired up, hiccupped once and was ready to roll.

I'm a little hard of hearing but I notice a more robust sound to the pump and the engine is running more smoothly than before. After start up, I stopped for fuel then took a pass down the interstate. I had my eye on the mileage meter the whole time. I went from an average of around 16 to 17 mpg to 21.5 mpg in a 10 mile test. I found that round town I could get 20 mpg and I haven't really made a run for any distance on the highway to see what it will really do. All I can say it this is what I was getting on the first factory pump years ago and am now getting back to. Again, I don't want to fail to note the engine is running more smoothly and the drivability has improved quite a bit.

To finalize the deal, I boxed up my old dead pump and UPSed it back today.


You have my thanks. Your diagnostics, help with problems, clear instructions and the great design features you are putting in your pumps is all I had hoped for. As your information said, the increase is HP can be felt but better is the smoothness in the engine again.

I'd like to write you a better testimonial and I will. I primarily wanted to let you know the old pump is on it's way back but I couldn't help mentioning a few points. Thanks again!

-Steve Slavik Medford, OR

Hey Chip,

Thank you for putting out great diagnostic information on the VP44, and the fuel system for the Cummins. Having installed the new pump on my 01', it now runs better than ever, also the mileage increase is a definite plus. Thanks again for all your help.

-Dave Hagey SmileyBuilt Offroad and Accessories.LLC


I purchased your standard VP44X last week with two day delivery. Received on Wed, installed the pump in 3.5 hours, start to finish. The truck started up after 3-10seconds cranking and is running great. I now believe I had a bad pump from the day I bought the truck 8 years ago. Your instructions required much less equipment removal then others instructions and they worked! I put a chalk line from the key to the end of the shaft and that let me see the correct key path and it aligned first time.

Two days after the install I started a 2500 mile road trip and everything was(is)great. The mileage appears to be about 2 MPG more then the old pump, now at about 21 MPG, but I still need to average over a longer period.

Thanks for a good product!

-Ted Rydberg ,Engineering Manager Kennecott Copper Company


Just wanted to say "THANKS!!" for the great fuel pump...Installed it and got back the power plus some, the economy!! WoooooHooooo and the smoothness! No more black smoke....Went from 400 Kl's to 100 liters to 720 kl's to 95 liters! close enough to double I'd say! Yup, the old one was done...You should have the core back any day now, I sent it From Sumas WA as I was going down across the line anyway....I'm not going to hook up the aftermarket computer at all, as the extra 25 HP to the rears is just fine...

-Thanks again, Mike Ulrich Prince George, BC. Canada


Installed my new x17 injector pump in just over 1 hour, Runs like a top thanks for all the literature and research keep up the good work.

-Micky Kiever, Assistant Manager-VRD Vernal,Utah


Just wanted to say thanks for all your help in getting my pump problems straightened out on my Dodge truck VP44 pump. I now see that when my no start problem in the heat, even with my old pump was my fault. When I replaced my VP44 last I put in a Stock lift pump, mounted by my fuel tank to push to a new lift pump on the engine and wired the extra pump to run as soon as the ignition was turned on. The next summer the truck had a hard start when the truck was hot on really hot days. So I bought a high pressure fuel pump for my pusher to the stock lift pump. At this time I wired both pumps to hot with the ignition on. I was getting a lot of pressure drop across the filter so I replaced it. It looked clean but that took care of the pressure drop problem. Then our heat started to creep up in April and May and if it got above 85 outside my truck would not start warm. Also the week before I replaced the VP44 with one of your units my truck started to backfire violently. So I replaced the VP44 and at first was very disappointed that the hot start problem was still there only worse. Then you suggested to turn off my lift pumps and see if it would start hot. That was the ticket. I wired my 2 lift pumps back into the original harness and now even in 113 degree temps outside my truck starts at the first crank of the motor. Now the lift pumps prime and shut down during cranking and resume upon engine starting. I hope others learn from my school of hard knocks. Don't mess with the wiring on the lift pumps. I guess the piston in the VP44 does not like pressure against it when cranking and hot. Hot fuel, hot casing makes the tolerences tighter in the pump and it must just lock up the VP or something. But the problem is solved. Truck runs great with less smoke and great power. The best part of this whole ordeal is I found a company that believes in customer service and has a live person answer the phone and best of all the owner of the company answered the phone every time I called. Thank You Chip for having such a great company.

-Mark Beavin, Mesa AZ

Great product, great service, good installation instructions. From what I remember of my stock pump, before it failed, truck fell flat @2600 RPM. This pump really puts out @2000 and the tach just zooms up to high idle RPM.........

-Thanks much, Pat Wingfield

Hey Chip,

I just wanted to say thanks for a great product! I purchased my x-pump on the 26th of April and it arrived on the 3rd of May. I installed the pump according to you instructions and all I have to say is what a great pump!

My truck now has a new life, it has not run so strongly even when it was new. Your instructions were very precise and when followed make the removal and installation a snap! Once again, Thanks Chip!

-Sincerely, Steve Sundquist

Hi Chip: Just wanted to update you on my new pump from Blue Chip.

In a word, "great". You may recall my past e mails explaining the frustration of having one of your competitor's pumps last all of 1400 miles. I installed your pump along with a dual filter package at the tank, water and particle, to absolutely insure problem free fuel to the new pump. That along with what I already had, which was a Raptor 100 and in cab fuel pressure and warning light. Anyway, I cleaned and checked everything to further satisfy my curiosity everything was clean and free flowing, both primary and return line feeds. The new Blue Chip pump works flawlessly, much cleaner and crisper than the old pump.I'm looking forward to driving and using the truck again.

-Thanks again, Larry Clingman

Chip - Thanks for your help! "Spot On" diagnostics,(injection pump replacement required) with the necessary information to understand the fuel system in a way that would make anyone feel comfortable in thier decision to replace the required parts to get their 24V running properly. I now feel much better about my truck after being left on the side of the road withl fuel issues that I was totally unaware of. I would recomend your site to ALL Dodge Cummins owners, if for no other reason than to have the oportunity to gain valuable information that will have huge impact on the dependability of their fuel system, as well as access to tech. support and possible required replacement parts. (No help from the Dodge Dealerships Here!)

-Thanks again! - Kendall

Your knowledge of the VP44 and Dodge is by far second to none! It is your customer service however that sets you apart from everyone else. I can't give you thanks enough. The help you have given me saved me thousands and I mean thousands. The dodge dealer wasn't even close in their diagnosis. I would have spent the money had I not found you. The fact that all your products come with informative and easy to understand instructions only tell half the story. The Dodge dealer wanted $2800 and the auto parts store wanted roughly half that to MAYBE FIX my problem. You diagnosed and helped me fix the problem for $175, and had to deal with all my questions. If anyone wants to know who to take care of their VP44 issues they need only do business with Blue Chip Diesel moving forward. You should patent your literature. You could call it VP44 for dummies. I and my family thank you and will recommend your products to everyone. If anyone wants to contact me to discuss my experience with your fabulous company I can be reached at securityguys@earthlink.net. Chip, everything you told me was true and accurate.

-Thanks The Security Guy

Hi Chip,

I cant tell you how much I appreciate your help on this problem! Turns out that you were right, it was the lift pump and a few O-rings. My mechanic Steve was ready to replace the fuel injection pump, but with your advice, it saved me thousands!!! I hope to return the favor by purchasing any parts I might need in the future. Your knowledge on fuel systems on Dodge trucks is quite impressive.

Thanks again for all your help.

-Matthew P.Corley


For your website - a BIG thankyou.

Following your suggestions we found a kinked fuel intake line and previous 'dodgy' repair on the fuel intake nipple. We decided to fix ourselves with 5/16" line and a new steel nipple made from fuel line [rather than a draw straw] and connected her all back up. Got 1.4 litres of flow and guess what - no 'bucking/loss of power' at 65 - or even 80. Fuel pressure remained around 14 down to maybe 7-8 at WOT.

Will monitor this and fuel mileage now that we have cleared the codes and see if we still need to consider a VP44. Its been an interesting experience for an "IT" guy and couldn't have done it without your assistance.

Many many thanks - best mechanic I have ever spoken with.

Free advice and assistance and ever so helpful.

Recommend to all - only wish I lived on East Coast so you could be my mechanic!

-John (and Glenna)


You may not remember me but I wanted to give you some feedback on your Special X. It has been a year or two now since I bought my Special X. I was very interested in your technology and the fact that your pumps have new commuters on them was a selling point for me. To me it was reasurring that the Special X has a new computer. I didn't want to buy a remanufactured pump with an old computer on it. With your help the pump install was a snap. The truck runs great and I have picked up some mileage. I am proud to say my truck has a Blue Chip Diesel pump on it. Thanks for all your help and for making such a great product available to us poor VP pump owners.

-Thanks Shane Minor Wheeler Machinery, Caterpillar Dealer


I just wanted you to thank you for providing a great product. The install was simple and proceeded w/o difficulty. Although almost #2000 is a lot of cash, I feel like i got my money's worth. It's as if I've bought a new truck. My 01 Dodge runs better than I ever remember and it's getting amazing mileage. Thanks Again!

-Hank Thomas

Hi Chip,

I wish I could compare a before and after performance but when I bought the 99 Ram, it never ran very good.

All I can say now after installing your injection pump is WOW. I can drive it in the RPM range of 1300-1700 rpm's in any gear & she responds like new....... The engine definitely crackles now.

Thanks for your help.

- Paul, CA


I want to thank you for being so considerate and speaking to me as an individual and not as if I couldn’t even understand the difference between a gas and diesel engine, as some men do when a woman asks them about a “man” area question. You have no idea how insulting some of your competitors have been to me when I’ve asked for additional information. That alone will cost them my business. One didn’t even want to give me a price quote until he’d either talked to my husband, to make sure I was asking about the correct item, or had our Cummins tech call him.

We were lucky in that we were able to come up with the money as quickly as we have and this morning placed an order for the necessary parts. We were limited in funds so stuck with the standard VP44 but did spring for the Faas lift pump and low fuel indicator. I just received an email that you have already shipped our parts. So far you guys are AMAZING!

Thank you so much!

Angela G. Powell

Dear, Chip

I recently purchased a XVP44 Injection Pump, Fass DDRP Fuel Pump and a Low Fuel Pressure Warning Light from your company. I wanted to take the time to tell you about my experience overall with this purchase. First of all you personally were a tremendous help in troubleshooting and identifying exactly what the problem was. You were right on. The computer in my pump was failing to communicate with the engine ECM after the engine had been running for about an hour. Once this happened the engine would go to Derate and would only accelerate to 1400 RPM’s. Per your advise I bought the parts and installed them myself. The installation went smoothly and the truck now runs like never before. It has a noticeable increase in power. I can’t comment on fuel mileage yet, because I haven’t driven it long enough.

Thank you for a Great Product and the Personal Attention you gave to me. I will definitely recommend your products and service/support to anyone that asks.

-Sincerely, Danny Lawrence


I've had the pump in for a little over a week now. Pulled a 6 X 12 U Haul from Houston to SLC, Utah. Got better mileage on this trip than the trip to Houston with the 5 X 8 U Haul. I next went to Bryce Canyon and towed a 33 foot fifth wheel back to SLC. Mileage on both trips was fantastic, but what is even better is that the truck is a hundred times better when it comes to down-shifting on hills. Unless the hill is super steep it just climbs it in high gear, no down-shift. That indicates to me that the truck is making a ton more power. This pump is the best investment I've ever made for a motor vehicle. On I-15 from SLC to Beaver, Utah I got 22.4 MPG. Two stretches of the road have posted 80 MPH speed limits and I took advantage of both. With the 5th wheel I averaged just under 15 MPG on the way back. These are calculated numbers.

Thanks for an awesome product!

-Alan Carter

Good Afternoon,

I have spent years researching answers on the fuel system on my 2001 Dodge Cummins. After spending some time reading the information you have on your web pages, I think I have finally found someone that knows what they are talking about. I have had fuel issues for years and I am on my fourth transfer pump and getting ready to replace my v44. It is throwing the P0216 occasionally. It is refreshing that someone actually knows what they are talking about.

Thank you for providing this information so as for me to at least make educated choices.

-Ben Morris


I just wanted to thank you for my special X pump. My truck has never run this good. I recommend your pumps to everyone because of the experience I had with your company. Thanks again.

-Brian, Superior Motors-Salem MA

bought this truck brand new with 65 miles on it and I want you to know it has never ran this good. It's fantastic!!!!!! Chips VP-44 Special X, Fass lift pump. 99Dodge Ram

-Alan S.

Hi Chip,

A quick note to thank you for the help your web site and your excellent instructions gave me in trouble shooting and ultimately replacing the injection pump in my 99 Dodge. It actually runs again, is quieter, and runs much better than before! All as you said, thanks for the straight talk, not much of that around any more!! Couple things I tried that seemed to work, oil filter wrench for the breather........... another I've been using for years, nothing big, but I flatten the front tires to lower a truck to make it more accessable..........

-Thanks again Rideout Jr, Lanc. NH


All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I installed the Special X VP44 on my 01’ Dodge last night with no problems whatsoever. The directions were “spot on” I never realized how much of a DOG my truck has been compared to now; I can’t believe the difference in the throttle response alone. The engine sounds so crisp with a nice new cackle to it. I am driving my wife nuts buy constantly asking if there is anything needed at the supermarket or store etc… just so I have an excuse to go for a ride! Thanks again for everything.

-Peter Walsh, Plymouth, Ma.

Hi Chip,

I finished installing the VP44 after I spoke with you last night….. The rest of the install went smoothly and I had no trouble starting the truck after purging the lines of air. Truck started immediately and only ran rough for a few seconds. I was amazed at the “crackle” of the Cummins and the recovery of its’ lost performance. I had forgotten how well these engines perform when operating without fuel delivery and timing problems. ………However, kudos and thanks to you for providing a top-notch fix to the problem. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of your pump and the customer-oriented service you provide. Your installation Tips document was a real time saver for someone like me who has not removed or replaced one of these units before and was greatly appreciated…….Thanks again and I will highly recommend your VP44’s to everyone I encounter that owns a Dodge Cummins. The core is on a brown truck today and should be to you in a few days.

-Regards Jim, Dayton, OH


Just wanted to say thanks for your help getting my truck up and running again. The pump arrived very quickly and the instructions you provided were excellent.

My core and the puller were shipped back using the label you provided and it looks like they should be delivered today.

-Sincerely, John Dudley

Blue Chip Diesel:

Thank you so much for an excellent product and the excellent customer service to go with it. After determining that i needed a new injection pump, I began shopping around on the Internet. Your focus on customer service and thorough knowledge were immediately apparent, and I became convinced that the extra money was well worth the reliability of a pump that was completely rebuilt.

The installation went very smoothly as I followed your detailed directions; I had the new Special X pump installed within several hours and I was back on the road. I can't believe the increased performance and fuel economy I'm getting. The acceleration and throttle response is better then when the truck was new.

Thank you again for selling me this pump. While I will not look forward to putting another VP44 in my truck, you will be my first call should I need anything that your company sells.

- John Miller, Mechanicsville, VA

Thnx Chip,

It slid in like it couldn't wait to get goin'. After 2 lift pump failures in a year, I put a 95GPM upgrade in. My milage was down to 14. A short (50 MI) test drive with varied conditions and two stomps gave me 20 mpg! I'm happy.

-Andrew Anastasi


I ordered a SpecialX vp44 early last week from you. I got it Friday and got at it early on Saturday. Following the instructions to a "T", I got the job done. All I have to say is WOW. The truck runs better than it ever has. It has more power than it did before the replacement without a doubt. I just wanted to tell you thanks for the support in getting the problem diagnosed, the wonderful service of getting the part ordered, and the assistance of getting it in with instructions, the puller, and a celebratory Tootsie Pop!


-Josh Lyle


First off let me just say WOW!!, Holy Crap!! my 2002 dodge has never ran this good. It's unbelievable how much of a difference the X pump has made in my truck. The installation process went very smoothly thanks to your instructions. I can't wait to see if my fuel milage increases nor can i wait to hook up my horse trailer and drag it down the road. I also had to change the lift pump out on my rig, this also was a simple process. Your fuel light which i bought and installed gives me great piece of mind knowing that it will alert me to low pressure. I appreciate the use of your gear puller for removing the old pump. My core and your puller are on the way back to you. My wife and our horses look forward to many worry free miles thanks to your quality products. My friend which referred me to your company was right when he said my truck would run better than new. I will be referring all i meet with the same issue i had to your company. I must tell you that the local dodge dealer ship wanted $5000 dollars to replace my injector pump and move my lift pump into my fuel tank.( An idea i did not like). The dealer ships are crazy with the price they charge for this work. You saved me $2700. Thank you for everything.

PS thank for the treat (Lolly Pop) enclosed with my parts.

-Sincerely, Randy Greene - Huntersville, NC


The new VP44 injection pump was a breeze to install. The instructions were easy to follow and probably saved hours of work. The puller also saved time and was easy to mill a new one for myself. If I had to do the job again I could probably do it in less than 2 hours. I installed the low pressure warning light. It comes on only when I turn the key on. Even under a load with my performance chip the low pressure light does not come on.....I am sending the lift pump back for a refund........

I also have to tell you that I have the utmost respect for you and the way you run your company. The day I put the injection pump in was a Saturday. At about 5:00 PM California time, I had a question about putting the plastic plate on top of the injection pump. The question was already answered in the instructions but I thought I'd try and call you anyways. On your voice mail it said if this is an emergency press one. I pressed one and to my surprise you answered the phone. You answered my question politely and professionally even though it was a Saturday at 8:00 PM eastern time. Not only was it a bad time of day for me to call........that shows me extreme dedication to your business.Thank you for everything Chip. I will recommend your company to anyone with fuel injection issues.

-Adam Mattos - Fire Captain Cal Fire

Thanks guys, it runs like a new truck! Without your website, I would be still trying to figure out why it wouldn't start after a heat soak......

-Thanks again, Ivan Beachy

WOW!! I can’t believe the difference the SPECIAL X VP44 has made in my truck. I only have 100,000 miles on the odometer and the previous owner had already replaced the VP44 once. It must have been an inferior rebuild because the computer in it failed. The removal and install went smoother than I could have imagined and your tips definitely saved me time and frustration. My mileage and hp is better than it’s even been. I also installed a low fuel pressure warning kit and am looking forward to many trouble-free towing miles.Thanks!

-Conrad Janzer – Bozeman, Montana


Thank you for the quick shipping of my new Special X VP44. I ordered it on Monday and it was here on Wednesday. WOW!

I installed it on Saturday with no problems at all. Your instructions were great. It made the installation a breeze. I also installed your "Low Fuel Pressure Warning Kit". This was an extremely easy install and will provide peace of mind. With the warning light, I was able to determine that my lift pump is working properly and I did not need to install the new one that you had sent to me. I am returning the new lift pump with my core return which will go to UPS on Tuesday since Monday is Labor Day.

You also have made the core return process extremely easy as well. I just packaged up the old injection pump in your packaging, affixed the shipping label provided by you and dropped it off to UPS.

Thank you for providing excellent service and thanks for the Tootsie Pop!

-Jim Davison

Dear Chip,

Just wanted to thank you for your help and patience with an old man who had a lot of questions before he bought. In researching the VP44 your name came up on several boards and all comments were good. After talking to you two or three times I had no qualms about spending the extra dollars to get the quality which you obviously pride yourself in. Excellent products, and real customer service don't always run hand in hand these days. The install went well and my truck runs fine..............

-Best Regards, Oliver Wright


I put one of your X VP44 pumps on a 2001 1 ton dually 4X4, I was getting 15.7 mpg. After changing pump it's up to 19.5 and a noticeable gain in HP. Thanks!



Thanks for such a great product. Got the Special X on my 99 4x4 5 spd over the weekend and…….wow……..what a difference! Pulled our 3H LQ/GN with 3 horses about 40 miles the day after the install and I could really feel the difference performance wise and see the difference in how little my diesel gauge moved. The instructions sheet you supplied was great, very clear and offered some time saving ideas.....Thanks again!

-David Dunn


Just a quick note to let you know the pump I got a while back (2yrs ago I believe) is working perfectly. Lot's of power and good mpg. Dragging a loaded double car hauler at 65mph averages ~18. Got close to 20 before we hit the city…….I recommend your product to everyone I meet that has a Dodge. It has been great to me. Thanks!

-Dean Waltman

Tim Puckett here............. The pump was installed by my local Cummins Atlantic dealer and I picked it up last Tuesday. The truck has about 100 miles on the new pump but that’s enough for me to realize it’s getting better fuel mileage. The trip computer has never put out such high numbers. Even the transmission shifts better, horse trailer or not. Now if I can just afford to buy diesel fuel. Thanks for your help in diagnosis and building a great pump

. -Tim Puckett, emailed

Dear Blue Chip Diesel,

I’m writing this to let you know that I am a DELIGHTED customer. Your product (Special X) is everything you advertised it to be, and it is awesome. The installation instructions were clear and the job went without a problem (it took me about 3 ½ hours). My 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins has never performed this well!

-Steve Thornberg - Peralta, NM

Your Special X Injector pump is fantastic! You are a true pro. I had no idea how bad my truck was running. Your trouble shooting description was right on the money. It's scary to shell out that kind of cash over the Internet with out being sure if it was correct. You have an honest business and I'll recommend you to everyone I meet in the diesel world. The HP and Torque is incredible and I'm back up to 20mpg with my foot in it all the time.

-Dan Scherer, Monroe MI


-Charles M Nicolosi

Dear Chip,

The installation of your pump was by far one of the smoothest I’ve had yet. Great directions coupled with dynamite service proved to me that there are still people who care about customer service. The special X pump is a real performer both in H.P. gains and increased fuel economy. Job well done!

-Marty O’Dell – Maricopa, AZ.

Hi Blue Chip,

Just thought I would say thank you for all your help. The install went really well with all of your helpful tips. I am getting about two mpg better with the new pump ( about 2.7 empty). Also……I have lots more seat of the pants power. Once again thank you for your help.

-Matthew Hipsher

Hey Chip,

Installation of injection pump went smooth!! Truck runs great, much better than the previous pump.

-Tom Jones, IDAHO

Hello Chip!

Just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for the article "BOSCH VP44 INJECTION PUMP AND LIFT PUMP FAILURES EXPLAINED". This was great! We purchased our first Cummins diesel in January and don't know much about them. This article explained a lot.Thanks!

Jeremy & Lisa Smith - Douglas, WY

Dear Chip,

Enclosed is the core injection pump. Your directions were GREAT. It only took me 2 ½ hours to get the pump changed out and the truck up and running. The gear puller - it’s a must, not just a recommendation……I enjoyed speaking with you about the pump and it was a pleasure doing business with someone like you that cares about their customers.

-George B. Pugh III

Dear Chip,

Thank you for your prompt and capable service. We have installed the new pump and are quite impressed with the difference. It is nice to do business with competent folks. Your website is quite informative. The frustration is minimized having such information…………

-Charles J. Rice

…again you have a top notch company and I would refer anyone needing assistance to you…

-Butch Kraus

I give my vote to Blue Chip. All in all I think the Wizard Fuel Management System is a must. It makes performance and fueling control simple, along with the nice feature of boost and pyrometer gauges included in it…

-Chad Sheets

Updated April 22, 2014