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Blue Chip offers a one of a kind performance product called the Redline Box.

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The Redline Box does what no other performance box does. It takes complete control of the fuel solenoid and makes 60 more horsepower and 97 foot pounds more torque than our impressive Fuel Management System does at 2800 RPM and allows the engine to rev all the way to 4000 RPM, with NO FUEL CUTBACK! Yes better valve springs are suggested with this product. It is offered only as an “Off Road Product” and a waiver is requested from the end user.

What makes this box unique is that it completely ignores all sensors on the truck except throttle position, completely ignores the ECM (Engine Control Module) and ignores the computer on top of the injection pump. This means that when any of these ignored devices tries to make the truck stop running or defuel, it can’t happen. This means “mad” ECMs and the like are also ignored and are not needed and can’t offer any benefit. Because the truck’s fuel system can’t cut back fuel, as it does with the ECM running the truck, the Redline is in complete control of fueling and therefore delivers FULL FUELING all the way up to the user preset maximum RPM. This means we can guarantee to empty the rotor for each and every injection event, and therefore deliver all the fuel available to the injector.

The Redline is easy to install and connects to the same places, using the same harnesses as our best street usable product, the FMS (Fuel Management System) with the addition of two wires that go to the Throttle Position Sensor, AKA the APPS (Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor). In fact our FMS can be modified to become a Redline; call for pricing.

The Redline Box offers push button menu control of all its features. The operator can preset the percentage of full fueling desired, the maximum RPM allowed, from 3200 to 4000, in 100 RPM increments. The Redline also has a “Maximum Values” menu option which allows the user to see the highest RPMs, Exhaust Gas Temperatures and Boost (up to 55psi) attained since last reset. This is a great way to compare and or document your last pull or drag race run. Even though it uses the truck’s sensors to record these numbers, it does NOT use any of these sensors’ parameters for fueling control. Other menu options allow the user to choose what is displayed on the fluorescent, easy to read screen, such as RPM, amount more time than stock we are holding the fuel solenoid closed and several voltage checks for diagnostics.

One of the most significant improvements in this product is its ability to determine if the software in the box has been compromised in any way. If the software is not perfect, it won’t allow enhancement or self diagnostics. This is a great insurance policy for your piece of mind while using this product.

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Updated May 25, 2015