We now offer a REALLY good electric lift pump that puts out a constant 15 psi all the time, so the injection pump will be as cool as it can be when shut off. This pump is the tried and true and well respected Air Dog Raptor Pump made to mount where the OEM one was, originally mounted on the engine, making it convenient and easy to install, and this location protects it from salt and road debris. It is DESIGNED to provide excellent service when mounted in this location. It provides 100 gallons per hour, the most flow of any pump made that mounts in the OEM location, therefore providing the most cooling possible and more than enough flow for all performance modifications. The manufacturer, Pure Flow, calls it the FRRP, which stands for “Factory Replacement Raptor Pump”. We like it more than the Fass DDRP as it puts out MORE VOLUME, and doesn’t require or need an inlet filter which has been a nightmare problem with the DDRP Fass unit. The FRRP is not a vane pump, as is the DDRP, and therefore does not share the problems associated with that design. Best of all, the FRRP has an EXTERNAL adjustable pressure regulator to fine tune the pressure desired! It also comes with a refreshingly stand up FOUR YEAR WARRANTY, which tells you what a quality product it is.

If you have the REALLY bad lift pump in the fuel tank, it can and SHOULD BE removed from the system. To do this, remove the fuel tank sending unit assembly, cut off the electrical wires going to the pump and cut the motor off the plastic pickup pipe with a hacksaw. Replace what you cut off with an appropriate length of REINFORCED rubber fuel hose. My recommendation is to NOT reuse the sock at the bottom of the tube, as this can only bring trouble later on. Why not find the crap in the fuel filter, rather than having to remove the tank to find the sock plugged? This is another good reason to use the FRRP, as it doesn’t care about crap going through it like a vane pump does.

It is great when you discover a really superior product, like the FRRP, that does a superior job and offers exceptional value. This is why we recommend and prefer to sell this product over all others.

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Updated MAY 25, 2015