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Blue Chip Wizard Fuel Management System

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Sorry,We are phasing out the FMS. Please call for availability.


The Wizard FMS provides essential engine information in a professional looking package. By combining all these Diesel Performance necessities, dash clutter and wiring is reduced.

The Wizard FMS is the third generation Blue Chip product that enhances power and offers two awesome safety features. One is user selectable “Automatic Fuel Cut-back” when high EGTs are present and the other is “Low Fuel Pressure Warning” which tells the operator that the fuel filter or lift pump needs to be changed.

The Wizard FMS is for those who demand the ultimate in engine performance and information display. This product enhances fuel delivery up to 63%! If you’re into other extensive modifications of your Dodge truck such as different turbine housings, clutches, torque converters, or valve bodies, you’ll love the extra performance information the FMS puts at your fingertips. This is the most user friendly system to customize the fueling curves and diagnose the entire fuel system. Sorry,We are phasing out the FMS. Please call for availability.


-2nd Generation Fuel Enhancement for ISB 24 valve Engines

Years of research, dyno runs, and solid Diesel experience make this your best choice for safe fuel enhancement.

-Dynamic Smoothing for low smoke, and smooth yet impressive throttle response

Smooth performance even while towing heavy loads, without sacrificing that kick-in-the-butt acceleration on demand.

-Adjustable Fuel Enhancement from 1 to 63%

Simple front panel adjustment of fueling, adjustable “on the fly” in 1% steps provide flexibility for towing, cruising, or blowing off P@#*& J@&$.

-Boost-controlled fuel delivery

Fuel delivery is matched to boost pressure for less smoke.

-Boost Module for MAP sensor - will not set ECM Codes

Even when combined with Injectors or Can-Bus accessories, the boost signal to the ECM is controlled to prevent overboost codes or ECM fuel delivery reduction.

-Automatic Fuel Cutback on High EGT

When EGT reaches a user-determined temperature, fuel enhancement is smoothly reduced and a warning is displayed to the driver to protect your valuable engine investment.

-Fits any model year 1998½ -2002, automatically detects model year

Won’t set code in ECM because of wrong MAP voltage going to ECM.

-Comprehensive self-test and diagnostics

Although installation is simple and easy, if you do experience a problem, the Wizard FMS gives you diagnostic info in plain English; what’s working, and what’s not.

-Easy-to-Read Alpha-numeric display matches Dodge displays

Pleasant fluorescent green display gives more useful information than any other fuel enhancement add-on or gauge.

-Simple 3-button operation and intuitive user interface

Control fuel delivery and other options using three push-button switches and simple menu system. Easier to use than most pagers or cell phones!

-High Accuracy digital numeric display of EGT and Boost Pressure

EGT reads in 5 degree increments; boost pressure reads in 1 pound increments.

-Simple analog bar graph display of EGT and Boost Pressure

Combining the best of analog and digital readouts, the Wizard FMS gives you Boost and EGT info at a glance.

-User Configurable Displays for EGT, Boost, Injection Pump Rate, Fueling Rate, RPM

In addition to EGT and Boost, you can monitor RPM, ECM commanded VP44 Injection Pump fueling, or instantaneous Wizard FMS fuel enhancement with digital accuracy.

-EGT Resolution allows the user to choose between 1 and 5 degree increments

-Boost Resolution allows the user to select readings in 1 or 1/10 pound increments

-Peak Values of EGT, Boost Pressure, and RPM can be captured, stored, and displayed

Maximum recorded values of EGT, boost pressure, and engine RPM are recorded and stored internally, even when power is off. These maximum values can be called up on the screen for review. The values can also be reset. Use these features to measure turbine housing efficiency for maximum boost pressure or EGT control; use the maximum RPM feature to record shift points with your valve body/torque converter combination.

-Smoke Control at the push of a button!

“Normal Smoke,” “Less Smoke,” “Min Smoke,” and “Max Perf” are the four choices available. Height above sea level, add on components such as timing boxes and different torque converters can change the smoke on take off and therefore the throttle response. Now the driver can adjust the throttle response and or smoke to his own liking. In the “Normal” mode the enhanced fueling curve should be appropriate for lower heights above sea level and “Less Smoke” should be better for higher elevations.

-Drag Race Mode for maximum all-out performance

When you’re after the most performance possible from your ISB, select this option for “Gimme all the fuel NOW!!!” mode. It’ll be smokey but FAST. Then simply go back to Street Mode for the drive home from the track - at the touch of a button!

Blue Chip Diesel Performance PO Box 339
East Derry NH 03041
888-472-7373 (888-ISB- PERF)

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