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We at Blue Chip are now well known for this pump. It works, as proven by our testimonials and the many comments on the forums. We always try to give our customers more bang for their buck, without lowering our quality or dependability. In this case we found a way to get better fuel mileage and a little more power on some trucks. This pump has ALL the upgrades and improvements that our exact replacement units have. This pump works on all 1998 ½ through 2002 Dodge Diesel trucks EXCEPT those with "HO" engines that were in SOME 2000 and SOME 2001 and all 2002 trucks. All "HO" engines have a six speed manual transmission. This means if you have a 2000 or 2001 truck with a six speed manual transmission AND the 8th digit in the VIN is a 7, or your truck is a 2002 six speed manual transmission, this pump will NOT work. It DOES work on ALL Dodge automatic and 5 speed manual transmission equipped trucks that have a VP44 injection pump!

What we did to achieve this goal was to mix and match parts from other VP44 pumps to advance the timing mechanically and optimize fueling rates for better mileage. Yes this does modify the emissions, but not to the extent that the engine will smoke and attract attention from the tree huggers. After installation you can hear the timing difference especially at an idle. You will hear more of a crackle to the engine which is an indication of the timing advance. The Special X pump is made from all Bosch made parts. It does not have any aftermarket or modified parts in it, so this allows us to sell it with the Bosch 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.

The Special X is NOT what is commonly called a HOT ROD pump. A HOT ROD pump is modified to put out the most fuel for the most power and the worst fuel mileage. It is the total opposite of a Special X. To make a HOT ROD pump many internal parts have to be modified by aftermarket vendors and therefore do NOT have ALL Bosch OEM parts in them, so they typically are less dependable and therefore do NOT come with a warranty.

What we do to these pumps gives typically between 2-3 more miles per gallon. We measured 22 more horsepower at the rear wheels on a Mustang dynamometer on our 2000 Dodge with everything stock on it. The Special X also lowers exhaust temperatures and enhances throttle response, so it is a win win situation. The only thing that happens occasionally is if a customer has, or later installs really big injectors such as over 100 HP rated, the idle will roll like a gas engine with a big cam. This doesn’t hurt anything but we want you to know this before you buy a Special X. If you are presently or plan on advancing the timing with an electronic plug in device or programmer don’t buy this pump as we are only doing mechanically what those products do electronically. We do it cheaper. It will not give you another additional MPG increase when used with these products. We do know the Special X with its various internal modifications effects emissions, so if you are concerned about that, please don’t buy this pump. That is why it works though!

The Special X pumps do cost $850.00 more because we have to put $850.00 more NEW parts in each one. We feel this is cost effective when considering the cost of fuel these days. Apparently our customers do too, as this pump is our best seller!

Please go to our "Testimonials" page on our Home Page to read how our customers are enjoying this product.

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Updated May 20, 2016