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Shop ImageBlue Chip Diesel Performance came into existence from a strange sequence of events. Chip Fisher owned and operated a horse transportation company for 25 years and during the course of that experience, he learned how to make trucks last a long time and do their job better than when delivered from the factory. He discovered the value of better than stock oil filtration and oil analysis to make engines and drivelines more efficient and durable. He was an avid reader of technical reports and announcements of new technology and was ready to use the latest and greatest if it seemed smart to him. Well when Dodge announced the availability of the Cummins 6BT engine in their pickup trucks in 1989, Chip researched the 6BT engine and became intrigued. Really he became obsessed, and was frustrated because he couldn't use a Dodge as they didn't have a crew cab. He needed the back seat for a sleeper because all his trucks were driven by teams.

Blue Chip Horse Transportation had a Ford crew cab with a 460 gas engine which was constantly in the shop for one thing or another. Almost at his wit's end, Chip discovered an engine repower company that offered Cummins 6BT repower kits for bread trucks and old military vehicles. The founder of the company gave Chip all the information and details on how to repower the Ford but Chip never got around to it, due to the rigors of day to day business. Meeting Dan Von Holten was the beginning of a great friendship and soon to be business relationship.

As a complete surprise Chip's daughter Carolyn used almost all of her recent small inheritance, and delivered in the bed of her 93 Chevy 3500 diesel, a 180 HP 6BTA with a big bow on it, to Chip as a Christmas present in 1993. This awesome Christmas present made Chip make time to repower that Ford truck. The repowered Ford went over 400,000 miles more, with awesome fuel mileage and dependability, so Chip then repowered a 1989 Chevy K3500 with the same success.

When Dodge announced their Club Cab in the new body style, he was the first in New England to get one and then put 346,000 miles on that unit. During this time, Dan Von Holten who was the instigator of all this, had made a strong friendship with Chip. He worked for Cummins during the time this special engine was developed and he knew lots of neat things about them. Well he knew how to hot rod them and make lots of horsepower by changing the cam plate etcetera, long before this became popular.

Dan frequently was flown to Chip's shop to do power upgrades or what soon became called "Supertunes" to Dodge diesel pickup trucks. Dan came up with the word "Supertune" and in respect for his wisdom, willingness to teach Chip a lot of what he knew, Blue Chip still uses this name for power enhancement.

Well as has been said many times," the rest is history". Chip and Dan started Blue Chip Diesel Performance as a part of Blue Chip Horse Transportation, but soon Chip became way too busy to do both businesses. The diesel performance was his new love, so the transportation business was sold and Chip never looked back. Dan was National Sales Manager for Blue Chip Diesel Performance and eventually decided to folow his real dream and moved from Indiana to Washington state. He became a professor at a technical college teaching his wisdom in diesel skills. He is still Chip's mentor and Cummins guru extraordinaire; the two talk frequently still.

It was in the year 1998 that Chip and his brother Tony invented and then patented their technology that effectively "Supertuned" the VP44 ISB Cummins 24 valve engine in Dodge trucks. Blue Chip's new patented technology made lots of horsepower and the "Blue Box" was the first product offered to upgrade power for the 24 valve Dodge diesel trucks. This made Blue Chip well known really quickly on a national level, and again, as they say, " the rest is history"..........

Chip never forgets who and where his success came from, and enjoys giving credit where credit is due. As Dan and Tony were so influential in Blue Chip's humble beginnings, they will always be the best friends of Blue Chip Diesel Performance. It has been a wonderful learning process and the Dodge Diesel has a special place in Chip's heart.

As of April 1, 2013 Chip sold the business to Doug Rocco, his best friend and long time employee, who deserves the opportunity to take over where Chip left off. Chip will still be available as necessary, to advise Doug and answer any question that Doug can't, typically by conference call, or a forwarded email. We both want to give you the best information available derived from our combined experience.

Use doug@bluechipdiesel.com or 603-966-6459 to reach him directly, and use info@bluechipdiesel.com for technical assistance inquiries.

Updated Dec 29, 2015